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Changes in Emotions in Greek-Speaking Judaism of Late Antiquity: The New Functions of Compassion and Envy

Françoise Mirguet | 1–24

The Paradoxes of Fear in the Hebrew Bible

Matthew Richard Schlimm | 25–50

Viewing Oneself through Others’ Eyes: Shame between Biology and Culture in Biblical Texts

Thomas Kazen | 51–80


Exegetik och det offentliga rummet: då och nu

Birger Olsson | 81–100


Βίβλος γενέσεως: The Opening of Matthew’s Gospel and Ethnic Ambiguity

Tobias Hägerland | 101–124

Stop Being Fricative! The Hebrew Sĕwāʾ Medium, Syllabic Consonants, Tidʿāl and the Aesthetics of Linguistic and Exegetical Models

Ola Wikander | 125–166

Who is the Blinder of Eyes and Hardener of Hearts in John 12:40?

Torsten Löfstedt | 167–192

Satan’s Angels: 2 Corinthians 12:7 Within a Social-Scientific Framework

Lukas Hagel | 193–207



Bash, Anthony, Forgiveness: A Theology

Bo Krister Ljungberg | 208–211

Berman, Joshua A., Inconsistency in the Torah: Ancient Literary Convention and the Limits of Source Criticism

Jan Retsö | 211–215

Currid, John D. och David W. Chapman (red.), ESV Archaeology Study Bible

Bo Krister Ljungberg | 215–219

Duff, Paul B., Moses in Corinth: The Apologetic Context of 2 Chorintians 3

Ludvig Nyman | 219–222

Germany, Stephen, The Exodus-Conquest Narrative: The Composition of the Non-Priestly Narratives in Exodus-Joshua

Jan Retsö | 222–226

Halldorf, Peter, Alla himlens fåglar har flytt: Profeten Jeremia i sin egen tid och i vår

Josef Forsling | 226–230

Keener, Craig S. och Edward T. Wright (red.) Biographies and Jesus: What Does It Mean for the Gospels to be Biographies?
Daniel Hjort | 230–233

Mugridge, Alan, Copying Early Christian Texts: A Study of Scribal Practise

Tommy Wasserman | 233–236

Müller, Katrin, Lobe den Herrn, meine ”Seele”: Eine kognitiv-linguistische Studie zur næfæš des Menschen im Alten Testament
Richard Pleijel | 236–240

Olson, Daniel C., A New Reading of the Animal Apocalypse of 1 Enoch: “All Nations Shall be Blessed”

Stefan Green | 240–243

Price, J. Randall och H. Wayne House, Zondervan Handbook of Biblical Archaeology: A Book by Book Guide to Archaeological Discoveries Related to the Bible

Bo Krister Ljungberg | 244–247

Sandnes, Karl Olav, Paul Perceived: An Interactionist Perspective on Paul and the Law

Ludvig Svensson | 247–251

Suriano, Matthew J., A History of Death in the Hebrew Bible
Richard Pleijel | 251–254

Tucker, Paavo N., The Holiness Composition in the Book of Exodus
Jan Retsö | 254–257

van Nes, Jermo, Pauline Language and the Pastoral Epistles: A Study of Linguistic Variation in the Corpus Paulinum
Tobias Hägerland | 257–260

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